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Updating cabinet hinges

Shown: Steve Roca adjusts a soft-close inset hinge to even up the gap around the door.Use a combination square to mark a line on the back of the door parallel with the hinge-side edge and inset ⅞ inch.You know we get a lot of questions about is it feasible to paint existing cabinet hinges.And to tell you the truth, not really, because you still have to remove the hinge.

Cabinetmaker Steve Roca replies: Whether you're hanging new doors, as I'm doing here for a hallway cabinet, or swapping out old hinges, concealed or Euro-style hinges are a dream to install.And then it’s best to spray them, if you were going to do that.But regardless you’re going to end up with paint flaking all around the movable parts of the hinge.To drill the flat-bottomed hole for the cup, you'll need a 35-millimeter Forstner bit.Mark a depth line ½ inch up the side of the bit, position it on the center point, and bore into the door until you hit the line. Position a rafter square, as shown, to keep the hinge aligned.

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