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I can’t really begin to pinpoint where my inspiration comes from.When people ask where I get my ideas, I don’t tend to have an answer ready.

It’s just that cartoons are compressed into images and thoughts that can be expressed quickly, while books use pictures and words to give a longer, more complete story.

Their problems, their frustrations and the things that make them laugh.

Because, after all, any of those conversations can be the foundation of an idea for a book or a cartoon.

But, like everyone else involved in creative endeavors, there are those days where I’m stopped dead in my tracks by a severe case of “writer’s block”. Well, sometimes I give myself a break, walk away from my work and let my batteries recharge.

But if I’m faced with a tight deadline, whether it’s self-imposed or from contractual obligations, I do have a backup plan.

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By the time I received the galley proofs for , I could not tell which words were mine and which ones were hers. So I’d highly recommend that folks in the creative end of this business open themselves up to constructive criticism, helpful suggestions and any input from the editorial staff they are working with.

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