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In this report we present a previously unpublished but very typical example of the rare occurrence of hypoglycaemia and finger-clubbing with pleural solitary fibrous tumour [SFT] in an adult African male.A detailed updated literature review is presented detailing the histopathology of SFT, pathophysiology of the hypoglycemia and finger clubbing, treatment and outcome of pleural SFT.Finance Act 2000 introduced the "gross roll-up tax regime" in respect of both investments made in Investment Undertakings and in Life Assurance policies.Essentially, the investments are allowed to grow tax-free until such time as a chargeable event occurs.Finance Act 2010 introduced a regime to tax certain Islamic financial transactions in the same way as conventional financial transactions.

Less than 65 cases of pleural SFT manifesting with hypoglycemia with or without finger-clubbing have been published in the English literature.The tumour was large, well-circumscribed and encapsulated, with a tan-coloured whorled cut surface (figure ). There were no areas of intratumoral haemorrhage or necrosis.Microscopic examination of the tumour revealed a bland spindle cell proliferation arranged in short intersecting fascicles with a patternless architecture, and hypo- and hypercellular areas separated by dense collagenous fibrous stroma (figure An extensive literature search on PUBMED was conducted using the key words SFT and its various synonyms to identify published cases of SFT.The search was then limited to reported cases of pleural based SFT with explicitly recorded hypoglycemia, with particular focus on the period from 1981 to 2008.Unfortunately some authors did not record whether or not extrathoracic symptoms were present in their series [].

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The patient underwent thoracotomy with excision of the bulk of the mass.

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