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With 119,000 Catholics, it is the smallest of Illinois's six dioceses, and it has just 140 priests.In recent years the Catholic Church has been shaken and embarrassed by a wave of lawsuits accusing priests of sexual misconduct.What do you think is the single largest source of injury to woman in the U. a) Automobile accidents b) Rapes c) Robberies d) None of the above ********The answer is = D ******** DOMESTIC VIOLENCE KILLS OVER 3,650 WOMEN IN THE U. MALE CHILDREN HAVE A 7 TIMES GREATER CHANCE OF BEATING THEIR PARTNERS !!!!!!!!That means that your daughter, niece, granddaughter, cousin or friend may become involved in a dating relationship or marry a person who was exposed to a violent household. Any person who hits, chokes, kicks, threatens, harasses, or interferes with the personal liberty of another "family or household member" has broken the law.All Services Are Free Of Charge618-235-0892 - Belleville618-875-7970 - East. Louis618-939-8114 - Monroe County618-826-5959 - Randolph County800-924-0096 Toll Free618-233-0741- TDD To report dating or domestic violence and or stalking, contact emergency personnel by calling 9-1-1 (off campus); or 618-222-5555 (Belleville Campus) or 618-971-7372 (Sam Wolf Granite City Campus).Subjects who commit dating/domestic violence and or stalking may be imposed with sanctions which may include disciplinary reprimand, probation, social probation, suspension, expulsion, assessment of restitution, separations or restrictions and or criminal prosecution.You may seek an Order of Protection on behalf of someone who cannot because of age, health or disability.

As you can see, domestic violence affects us either directly or indirectly. OF ALL JUVENILE AND ADULT CRIMINALS, 80% LIVED IN DOMESTICALLY VIOLENT ENVIRONMENTS.

I also hope that by reading this, the general public can become more aware of the effects that domestic violence has in our world.

Every month I plan to add additional information regarding this growing problem.

But seldom has the issue hit a diocese so hard and so quickly as in Belleville.

This year the diocese established a board of three priests and five lay people to deal with allegations of sexual misconduct.

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contact a nearby domestic violence or legal advocacy program and ask for assistance. go to your local circuit clerk's office and request the necessary paperwork; 3.

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