Python file modes updating

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In this guide, we’ll assume that the reader has basic familiarity with Python.Familiarity with numpy is not required, but it will help to understand the data structures in Py FITS.

It should be noted that Py FITS is using zero-based indexing when referring to HDUs and header cards, though the FITS standard (which was designed with FORTRAN in mind) uses one-based indexing.See the Numpy documentation for more details on Python-style array indexing and slicing.The next example of array manipulation is to convert the image data from counts to flux: Note that performing an operation like this on an entire image requires holding the entire image in memory.argument that allows the array data of each HDU to be accessed with mmap, rather than being read into memory all at once.This is particularly useful for working with very large arrays that cannot fit entirely into physical memory. This has minimal impact on smaller files as well, though some operations, such as reading the array data sequentially, may incur some additional overhead.

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However, there is a common convention to store unsigned integers as signed integers, along with a .

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