Masag securitysex

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Masag securitysex

TANTRA THEOSOPHICAL AND GAIA WORSHIPING SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE HUMAN FAMILYALL-CHAKRA Tantra: Experience Divine Love’s Weaving Principle I, page 3 The Chakras Sasha Lessin, Ph. Your first chakra relates to your perineum, your needs to belong, feel safe, secure and healthy, grounded in your material and emotional existence.

The tantric weaving of your base chakra and your lover’s means you help your love feel secure emotionally and financially.

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Posted by Kira on Jun 2, 2015 in Chakras | 0 comments TANTRA THEOSOPHICAL AND GAIA WORSHIPING SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE HUMAN FAMILY All-Chakra Tantra: Experience Divine Love’s Weaving (Principle I, page 2) Tasks for Each Chakra Sasha Lessin, Ph. Chakra Tasks Perineum Enhance your health, create safety for yourself and your beloved. Contribute to everyone’s well-being and regenerate the planet. Principle III REGRESS, EXPRESS & REPROGRAM TO DISTINGUISH LOVERS FROM DADS AND MOTHERS by Sasha Lessin, Ph. Explore regression, progression, digression–symbolic resonances of the present, your mind’s contents–conscious, subconscious, superconscious and (up to now) unconscious.

The sixth strongest CBD strain AC/DC entered by Emerald Triangle Genetics came in expressing 15.4% CBD with 0.8% THC. It expressed a CBD level of 18.6% with THC at 0.7%.

The top CBD strain, Cannatonic, entered by IDK Farms topped out at an amazing 20.8% CBD with 0.8% THC. In 2013, Bruce Banner came in number 3 at the Denver Cannabis Cup with a high of 28.35% THC. Denver's own Next Harvest, wasn't about to be stirred.

Genitals Delight yourselves and each other sexually. Learn how imprints–from life history influence you now.

Imprints–from life history, womb-life, pastlife imagry and archetypal scripts–dictate the ecology of your inner voices, dominate your body, project into your dreams and direct your...

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