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Survival was a challenge but you know, just as they say, a problem shared is half solved.’ Early in 2014, PBB was able to pay for two flats, in Kaduna and Zaria respectively, for any homeless and troubled member to live in. He was on the floor, crying and asking, ‘What have we done to be scared to death like that? Both were equipped with studies, computers and Wi-Fi. What did that small boy do to deserve such a scare? Man, it was fucking tough.’ He stopped speaking for another drag, tapped the ash on the ashtray and continued.

He stood up and scurried to the DJ’s booth, spoke into the ear of the DJ and returned immediately. Just reminded him to allow time for our brainstorming session. He didn’t like the idea of foreign aid to Africa in whatever form or guise, particularly ‘using Africa as a sympathy tool to benefit from an organised system called “corporate responsibility” ’. 11 Africa is enlarging itself to become a CENTRE too.

‘These events are the major strategies through which PBB sends coded signs to society that homosexuals exist here, and are ready to continue existing regardless of any law against them,’ C. Most of the artistic outdoor events in Kaduna, Zaria, Jos and Gombe were hosted and managed by PBB’s team of concept developers. We’ve started something.’ He brought out a revolver from his back pocket and kept it on the table.

And of course, strict measures were laid down and followed to keep secret the identities of the people behind the events. ‘I can’t close my eyes and let anyone hurt any of these people.

‘But the issue is this, we, these guys here, all of us, don’t want to be used as ads’ contents and objects. And when we reached his family, they pleaded with us not to reveal to anyone the manner of his death. For out of the mouths of babes and sucklings shall come forth mysteries and inventions and innovations and assertions. We are not white-collar aspirants or mere civil servants or lame creatives.

I don’t want any social media sympathy campaigns, especially those inspired and promoted toward Western organisations. ‘I’m an elder in the church, please protect our name,’ his father said on the phone. Afro-modernism makes the case to stretch “all of this” continent to the space where it becomes the centre of the world.’ He concludes his point to thunderous applause and yells. He was having a fit, the fiercest convulsion I have seen all my life.

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On the second anniversary of the day and year Nigeria signed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act into law, I honoured an email invitation from C.