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After doing some online research I thought they were 1976 because of the clear interior. The serial numbers date the toms to 77-79 i think..because of the clear interior and reinforcement rings i'm confused.

Came with speed king bass-pedal (which needs some work)Also came with 70's 14" Zildjian Quick Beat hh (really nice) and 18" zild crash/ride (also nice)Here's the catch...The difficulty in date stamps is, more often than not, that the stamp has been rendered illegible or removed completely due to the wear and tear of the years.However, if you’re lucky enough to come across a particularly clean specimen with the date stamp intact, you’ll know the exact day that drum came to be.The fifty years from Ludwig’s inception in 1909 to the early 1960s deserves its own article, so in order to give you the most pertinent information for dating, we’ll be looking at drums from the early '60s onwards.Unlike the many components and changing particulars which make dating a guitar difficult, a few key, consistent elements make identifying a drum’s year of manufacture much easier.

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He suggested they could have been re-wrapped, but I don't think they were because they hadn't been touched in over 25 years when I received them, but it's still possible.