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Dougray Scott would love to work with Irvine Welsh The 'Dark Water' actor dreams of working with the Scottish-born writer on a project because he believes he writes for a Scottish audience. British actress CLAIRE FORLANI is facing a legal battle with an art dealer who alleges the star ruined his credibility.

The unnamed specialist alleges the Meet Joe Black actress destroyed his "fragile and intangible" reputation by...

You are prey, so if you don't have protections you're dealing with intense stuff. "The brilliance of this job is that you can just go with it, you don't know what's round the corner then something shows up and it's the next challenge and a great group of people.

"With Meet Joe Black it's fathers, that film is all about the father, daughter thing." Yet Forlani prefers to look forward rather than back.

Her acting debut came in the much loved TV show Press Gang – "I don't remember much about it, I'm afraid" – before she moved with her family to America.

Among the early credits was the seventh instalment of Police Academy, subtitled Mission to Moscow.

She says highlights from the time included filming the biopic of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat sitting with David Bowie, who played Andy Warhol.

"Sitting with Bowie with that wig on and the nose, sharing Chinese food in front of real home movies that the [Warhol] Foundation had allowed us to watch... I wasn't brave and bold during that time."Turning 40 can be problematic for an actress, as, according to one film producer, the scripts begin to dry up.

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Yet the pressures of Hollywood, personal tragedy and fierce protectiveness of her privacy saw the British actress step back from the spotlight over the following decade.

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