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The women became aloof and were, eventually, repulsed by him. He saw intimate relationships as a power-play of status, sexual rights and control. Harry had a secure long-term relationship and found women constantly interested in him.

When his woman acted ‘moody’ he listened and gave her the space to talk.

It is a psychological trait that a woman has stemming from abandonment by men, usually starting with her father.

Often nothing the man can do will satisfy the inability of the woman to trust the man.

Only a man she cares for and wants in her life is worth constantly testing.

Sometimes a woman tests because she enjoys making a man uncomfortable, because she can. Ultimately she wants a man to reveal himself, particularly if he is not uncomfortable is his masculinity.

She wants a man to know that she loves him, that he is important to her.

So testing is the only proven method that gets results, that shows the truth, that reveals the sub-conscious motives of a man.

♦◊♦ Men all know that women test them all the time, women can’t help it. There are a few simple reasons: She needs a man to know that he can’t take her for granted, she is not a push-over. She wants a man to see that she has standards and that he has to meet them.

The difference is in how they reacted to female testing, that reaction resulted in the dramatically different results. ♦◊♦ In a recent post, Pleading Does Not Hack It, while talking about the failure of a man’s relationship through too much pleading, I said, “Finally I just want to say a quick word about female testing.

They will always do it, as long as you are together.

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She needs to find a man that she can’t take for granted, he is not a push-over. She wants to see how strong emotionally he is, how smart he is.

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