Dating in prison

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We are dedicated to providing the BIGGEST, best and most frequently updated site on the Internet for prisoners seeking pen pals.

We have prisoners listed from 4 Continents and 7 Countries.

But we try to make it as comfortable as possible by chatting, eating a bit or just cuddling.When I get there I make coffee and I always put a blanket over the sofa because you don't know who was there before.In the end, a private cell still is still just a cell, you know?Find Pen Pals from around the world or in your own state! A few people in here and out there were against it. On the other hand, being locked up here saved me from doing something stupid. What'll hold you back from doing stupid things for love then? If you love somebody - family, friends or your children - you'll do anything to protect them. What if you run into Jennifer's ex once you get out? Last year I got to leave prison for Christmas, and all of a sudden she contacted me via Facebook. But I was feeling insecure, because I've been in prison for more than three years now, and she's the first woman since then who's gotten close to me. I'm still in here and she's free, and we only see each other twice a month when she comes to visit me. Sometimes I feel jealous though, because I'm very mistrustful of other people. But since then we've been allowed to meet twice a month in a private "cuddle cell", where we aren't watched.

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Some are just there for game, lonely inside, no letters, no visits, etc., but only want that compainonship until they get out, then it's back to the old habits.