Dating focused social discovery website

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Dating focused social discovery website

After Tastebuds became a Spotify app in May 2012, 1,000 new users began to sign up daily.

Increased usage is one advantage of piggybacking on these popular sites. Siemer & Associates’ sister organization, Siemer Ventures, is an early-stage VC.

EHarmoney is hearing footsteps, or heartbeats, from upstart competitors as well. is now America’s third-largest player, generating million in revenue in 2013’s first quarter.

According to digital analytics concern com Score Inc., Zoosk actually leads e Harmony in terms of total traffic.

Trailing with about half that market share is e Harmony Inc.

Its estimated revenue last year was something in the neighborhood of 0 million. Declining revenue caused e Harmony founder Neil Clark Warren to take back control of the company last year and scrap longtime talk of an initial public offering.

The year was a big one for the blossoming industry known as social media.

Many of these specialized services are built on platforms like Facebook Inc. These “are great platforms to discover a user’s general interests, but not equipped to decipher the next level of detail and not equipped to facilitate the sharing of that level of detail with others,” says Dan Chen, managing director of Siemer & Associates LLC, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based investment bank that focuses on Internet media and software.” Bumping into people and recognizing something in common. In the future this is the way Internet dating must go.” Tastebuds also taps into one of digital music’s most alluring, but largely elusive, prospects: Making money not off music itself, but off a particular band’s most avid fans.Of all social interests, music resonates with particular passion.Tastebuds is variously described as a music-oriented, or music-themed dating site, where individuals connect through rankings of up to eight favorite bands or artists.Tastebuds has more than 100,000 users in more than 100 countries, although it has yet to launch officially in the U. Tastebuds will also launch its mobile app in the next couple of months. raised its first outside funding, 0,000 from New York venture capital firm Black Ocean.

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“They simply can’t drill down as deep as some of these emerging apps and services.” Tastebuds is testament to this, says Dickon Waterfield, a partner with Black Ocean.