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Dating disambiguation

A source may be a Wikipedia but for an author for instance a link to VIAF is more relevant; it establishes an identify in the international libraries.Data for an item like an author is associated with categories; the data the categories stand for should be included in Wikidata.Neither is there any response to the arguments against this approach.Thanks, Gerard M (Silly or not, I don't think it's entirely clear what the item quality criteria currently state, especially as actually checking for duplicates of the same concept doesn't seem to be an obvious thing to do.Consequently it is great to know that a person was a ruler for a specific kingdom or sultanate, knowing dates and predecessor and successor make for great quality.

If this is too difficult, or a cause of too great an anxiety, then one's mates can be called upon, in extremis to indulge in said activity of asking the opposite sex out on your behalf. Celebrating anniversaries is a very important part of showcasing your vomit-inducing love to innocent people you will encounter as you swoon, make-out, hold hands and whisper disgusting pet names into your brain-damaged partners ear, thus scarring those around you.

It is also very important to not only celebrate your anniversary of when you first became official but also the that of when you first : kissed, held hands, fought, had sex, cheated on each other, had dinner, dipped your partners toothbrush in the toilet, launched a website declaring your love for one another and of course lost the day all your friends because you became a revolting creature which consists of nothing more than the intertwined bodies of the formerly intelligent individuals, which now just bear the worst traits of both combined people in the relationship.

There are many more pointless dates to celebrate including such dates but they cannot be named as their irrelevance cannot be named without the world ending, just as you cannot divide by zero, so don't even try.

--Epoch Fail (This discussion about sitelinks as a measure of quality is silly.

There are lots of quality items that do not have any sitelinks at all, because they are closely related to something that does, but they have a different purpose on Wikidata - just look at all the "trees" vs "fruits of those trees" vs "seeds of those trees" etc.

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