Dating an indecisive man

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The situation is classic—he pursues you, so you lean in. You become like a dog with a bone, unwilling to relinquish what you want.

You frantically search for the man inside him who was "hot" for you. So, your problem becomes how to get him to pursue you like he did before.

If you don’t trust him, you will never be able to truly love him.

One of the ways that your boyfriend or fiancé could help you gain such a sense of security is making decisions with neither hesitation nor uncertainty.

It makes them feel powerful to know they can treat you badly, then pick up the phone and still have you available whenever they want. They relish the game of cat and mouse they're playing with you.

They're fueled by a sense of entitlement, knowing they've mastered the art of being inconsistent and uncommitted.

Instead, it's about the thrill of the chase and you are the ego-boosting 'prize of the moment'.

Some "hot and cold" men may just not be ready for a fully committed relationship.

But most "hot and cold" men are completely aware of what they're doing.

But this doesn’t mean you or your boyfriend or fiancé should make decisions so carefully that you two become indecisive or flakes. If you’re dating a guy who is indecisive or is a flake, sadly, it’s one of the signs of .

When in a relationship, whether you like it or not, every decision you and your boyfriend or affects both of you.

He may even like you a lot, but is unable to figure out if you're "The One."Rather than actually decide and own that decision, it's easier for him to string you along until he knows for certain (or finds something "better").

His ambivalence and indecision feed his "hot and cold" tendencies.

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You can bet they've acted this way before, and women have complained about the behavior before.

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