Dating a physically disabled person

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Dating a physically disabled person

Similarly, lesbian women express themselves sexually in other ways than by performing cunnilingus, and gay men don't just have anal sex.Disabled people find a variety of ways to express themselves sexually, limited only by their physical bodies and their imaginations.

Disabled people are not lesser versions of able-bodied people, unable to engage in or enjoy sexual behavior.

If you think it's hard to meet someone special, think of what it must be like for people with disabilities.

Not only do they have to deal with the usual issues of personality, attraction and emotional behavior, but they must do so in a world not designed for visual, hearing and mobility-impaired people.

Historically, people with disabilities have been regarded by much of society as freaks, sub-humans or cripples.

Now that we, as a society, have begun to put aside those negative labels and are, instead, exploring the emotional lives of the disabled, we have found new ways to dehumanize them, asking such personal and ridiculous questions as, Can you have sex? Human beings are born with sex drives regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability status.

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Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury - from the National Spinal Cord Injury Association Resource Center.