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Compare prices of dating sites

OK Cupid is a high-traffic site with insightful questions whose answers can be ranked for importance in finding a match.

Users can search for compatibility scores as well as for geography. Plenty of Fish is fully functional when free, but paid memberships starting at .78 a month (for 12 months) garner higher listings in searches.

In this dimension, OK Cupid offers the best personality matching tool, with more than 3,000 questions that run the gamut from "Are you a dog or cat person? " Users can select how much each question matters to them and the type of response they'd want from a partner, factors that influence the match suggestions.

By contrast, How About We makes matches solely by location and users' definition of an ideal way to spend time together.

In this regard, we paid particular attention to the ease of contacting other users, reading messages, and finding a possible contact.

If users are investing time in, or paying for access to, a dating site, it should function seamlessly.

Tinder has a reputation for quick hook-up connections, but users like features that offer some privacy and partial vetting of potential matches.

We're a little put off by Tinder's method of matching users based solely on appearance, but satisfied customers counter that the focus on looks makes online dating seem more natural and is little different from approaching an attractive person at a party or restaurant.

While we also noted additional features the sites offer, such as online forums and in-person meet-and-greets, we only valued these utilities if they were easy to use and self-explanatory.

Tinder is far and away the easiest dating tool for immediate satisfaction.

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The interface is less engaging, though, and the ads can be a little distracting.