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Chris klein dating ginnifer goodwin

Fast forward a few years and Katie looks like single life totally agrees with her and Ginny is expecting a baby with her Once Upon a Time costar Josh Dallas.

Both women seem really happy but apparently the catfight is back on. 9th print edition of GLOBE Magazine, Ginny was cast to play Jackie Kennedy in a National Geographic TV movie and she has been praised for her work.

As Katie became Tom’s arm candy, Chris moved on to have a pretty substantial relationship with Ginnifer Goodwin, the kind that led to rumors of wedding bells.

The duo eventually split but Katie still hated Ginny for being able to capture Chris’ heart at all.

What kind of self esteem does a woman have to have to stick around for two years of that?

Source I would never go out with someone if he was only seeing me cuz I LOOK LIKE his ex... You have to say no."If he's not down with a woman gaining a few pounds, then I feel I must tell him that I'm not down with him balding.

Even stars like Katie Holmes, who appear to have everything, turn into catty teenaged girls when they feel like they are replaceable.

A Goodwin pal tells PEOPLE that the split was mutual and amicable.

"They realized they wanted different things," says the friend.

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Goodwin changed her name from "Jennifer" to "Ginnifer" to distinguish her name, and to assist in pronunciation of her name in her regional dialect.

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