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Chaturika perera new 2017 nude all photos

Having kept an eye on all this, a three-wheel driver had informed a higher police officer whom he knew, about this cop saying that the latter looked suspicious.

The higher officer in reply had said that no policeman had been deployed on duty in the said location and for him to go and request for his identity card for purposes of checking.

It was observed by the people in the area that the behaviour of this policeman was somewhat suspicious.

The 'cop' had pointed out various faults such as the lights of the three-wheelers, motor cycles, vans carrying bread etc,and asking for bribes amounting to rupees 300, 500 and 1,000.

It was revealed from primary investigations that the child's neck had been strangled with the very school tie that he had been wearing and murdered brutally.

On the afternoon on the day of the incident Pushpakumara had come to Nilmalgodawatta junction in the three-wheeler.

He had then approached the cop and had done what he was told to which the cop was not pleased and had tried to dodge the issue saying that there were higher-ups in the vicinity and if necessary to inquire from them.

At that moment people began to surround him and question him, scaring the cop at which moment they were able to identify him as a fake cop!

Further investigations regarding the suspect are being conducted.

Last night thousands of people got on to the road at Soysapura, Moratuwa and signs of a big hulabaloo was seen.

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In a couple of minutes thousands of residents of Soysapura rocked to the place to have a look at the cop.

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