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Barbie xu dating

[9/20] Zai Zai burning candles at three ends Zhou Yu Min dazed and unfocused, burning candles at 3 ends[Entertainment Center/ reporting from Taipei] During the accident the other day, Zai Zai Zhou Yu Minˇs condition looked unusually poor.Aside from the dull look in his eyes, he also walks like he was fighting using the drunken fist maneuver, severely staggering to the left and right.And when he went back to his Muzha home, the sleeping, the walking unsteadily  all of these were repeated once again.

Reporters waited at the gate of her house for her to appear.

Da S was in a great mood when she saw the reporters, no unhappiness, and even chatted with reporters.

Under the constant inquiry of the reporters, Da S finally admitted that the relationship between her and Zai Zai is as sweethearts, and also reminisced back to when they first met when they filmed "Meteor Garden", and because she and Zai Zai were very compatible he became sort of a younger brother.

When she came back, the photo of her at the lift where they focused on a bruise on her neck, probably from the accident.

Liberty Times, China Times Da S (Hsu Xi Yuan) finally bravely admitted to being in the throes of a romance with Zai Zai (Zhou Yu Min), and the collision the other day could be said as divine intervention in the hopes of publicizing their relationship.

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