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Handing them out was not as fun as I thought it would be.

I tried to give them out at rush hour in Old Street station, but other vendors kept telling me I was in their space.

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Then, when people saw someone wearing a button they could strike up a conversation if they wanted to.

People were handing out buttons in Liverpool Street station this morning that said ' Shut Up'. Originally it was an 80-20 split between people hating the idea and liking it, but now I think it's more like 50-50.I spend around 35 minutes on the London Underground, or the Tube, to and from my job as an administrator at the National Health Service (NHS). One thing about London I've noticed is it's really difficult to get people interested in stuff.I think this attitude is a London thing; it's the culture not to get involved.I'm on the social committee at work and I enjoy planning events.It was a catered event on a Friday afternoon, and even though it would mean a few hours off work only 30 people turned up - out of a couple of hundred.

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Sometimes I've seen people on the street that I've worked with for years but we ignore each other - seeing people you know outside of work seems to be so distressing to English people!