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Pinay old chubby wif sex chat

There were dozens of men that pleaded for me to give out my address so that they could send me jewelry and other gifts. There were a few who told me they loved me, and they were my downfall. I convinced myself the sweet nothings whispered to coax me into one more go-around were genuine and that “Baby, you’re so fucking hot” was the same as “Baby, you’re so worthwhile.”I know better now.

I chose to forget, in no small part because I’ve always blamed myself entirely for how screwed up it all was. I don’t see the men I cybered with as victims of my feminine wiles, as innocents caught up in the fantasy of the girl I’d manufactured. When I told my fiancé that I was writing this story, he asked me why, too.I’m old enough to realize that I was taken advantage of and that the men I talked to were less interested in me than -- disturbingly -- the idea of me. I always ask myself why I’m a writing a particular story. Recently I got the first comments from a Pinay, saying she found the site funny and agreed with some of my thoughts on girls. – Why do pinays feel it’s better to say they’ll hang out then when the time comes ignore your text instead of just saying no in the first place, do they not realize that we are big boys and can handle being told no? Because some pinays are not very straight forward people even men. Let’s fast forward because i still drunk those tequila shots (sometimes pinay loves to be a hard to get lol).I’ll link to this post when I get comments from feminists and white knights calling me a perv, sex pest etc. Nothing just a normal reaction like ive seen another human. Or maybe because filipinos are sometimes bad on comprehending things. Will took you for granted– What do you think about foreigners moving to the Phils? ‘Coz my chinese gf has a small tits too.”I stood up and flashed the firmest tits and small nips that they could ever see in their whole existence and walked out like a boss! I disappeared and let them deal with their hard on. A pinay can be a cold hearted too 😉 )Thanks for the interview and reading the blog! PS: If there is a filipina who reads this blog don’t be a cold hearted witch haha please don’t get so butthurt if some of the entries got on your nerves. When i was working as a call center agent some of them are racist will definitely step down on you. They can do whatever they want as long as they dont harm filipinos– What do you / other Filipinas think about black guys? Yeah theres nothing wrong with black people seems cool to hang out with.– Same question for Indian / Arab guys? I like a man who showers everyday.– If a foreign guy was to come up to you in public and chat you up, how would you react? Probably i need to speak english haha– What do you think of the stereotype that all girls in South East Asia are only interested in money?

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And that’s what stands out to me about my cybering days: the men.

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