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Internet sex chat line toronto

Will a movie like this alter the way we interact with technology? This is a powerful film that exceeded my expectations.

Reading the marketing blurb I was worried it would be just another hi-tech thriller making use of all the latest cool technology.

Colin Ford (15 at the time) turns in one of the most heartwrenching youth performances I've seen in years as a typical mischievous youngster with a penchant for playing pranks.

Other standouts include Paula Patton, Frank Grillo, Alexander Skarsgård, Jonah Bobo, Aviad Bernstein, Andrea Riseborough, and Hope Davis.

It should certainly be required viewing not only for young people but also for anyone who uses social media or communicates via the Internet.

This is a timely, well-written, well-acted, and well-paced movie that stays with you long after you leave the movie theater. But it's the other side of that scale, the harm caused by our web-connected lives, that is the weighty focus of "Disconnect." The damage that can be done, intentionally or not, has been well-documented.

Production values are quite high for an independent film.

All of the actors go deep into their characters, many with a realism that could be sitting next to you in the theater, Particularly effective is the use of text on screen to show on-line chat conversations.Every actor in the huge ensemble cast, from adults to teens, is superb.Without giving away their exact roles, Jason Bateman does a dramatic star turn here as a caring father in an unfathomable situation.This is one of those films for which, as a non-spoiler reviewer, it's best for me to avoid the specifics of the script and who does what here. But, needless to say, Disconnect is not the feel-good movie of the year.It's often sad and scary, dark and depressing at times, and knowing it's based on true stories makes it all the more devastating when we witness the consequences of our seemingly-innocuous actions when entering a chat room, looking for virtual companionship, playing a childish practical joke, or putting our personal information online.

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Being a tech Luddite I was about to pass,but the comparison to Crash pulled me in, and I am glad I went.

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