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Pornhub has used chatbot technology from San Francisco-based Blend, which launched its Genie Store in mid-October.Pornhub Aria Genie is sure to help around 60 million visitors to Pornhub and its 4 million members.I inherited Amy from a fellow botmaster who didn't have the time to maintain her and it was his wish that Amy reject sexual advances, and abusive behavior. Amy can, however, chat on a number of other issues not involving adult content.If that's what you're looking for, there are lots of other bots willing to chat on that level.But, how many bots can you have a serious, enjoyable conversation with when you're lonely, when you need advice, or when you just want someone to talk with? Built by, this is a demo weather bot that tells you the current weather, weather forecast and pollutant standards index level in different locations in Singapore The bot uses Live weather API by the National Environment Agency in Singapore Looking for a gift for your WIFE, GIRLFRIEND, MOTHER? Here only selected gifts that will not disappoint her and that you can buy in less than 10 minutes and send you home. An Ed Tech chatbot to help high school counselors offload some of their work.In keeping with the advancements in chatbot technology, Pornhub has launched its own steamy Aria chatbot that will keep Pornhub users up to speed on the latest in porn news.

“Aria is about as charismatic as they come,” he said.

The popularity of opposite-sex chatbots probably says something about contemporary society. Are nerdy guys less lucky with the ladies than their less-nerdy counterparts? How many teenage boys don’t spend most of their time with their face in some gadget or other?

Perhaps for that very reason, boys are more comfortable talking to animations of females on their mobile screens than asking a real girl out on a date.

Chatbots4u is still up and running, but a quick look at their website has me wondering what direction they’re heading in.

Chatbots4u apparently offers hosting services for business-focused intelligent assistants, but the site’s primary goal seems to be to offer a free platform for the creation and hosting of recreational chatbots.

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Both companies have gone through some changes since I tried them out over a year ago.

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